• Hello and welcome!

    We translate. We localize. We transcreate.
  • Hello and welcome!

    Ukrainian and Russian native speakers, fluent in English.

About Us

Tiny team, powerful force

Dear visitor, we’re happy to welcome you on our site! We’re a family of freelance linguists providing translation and localization services to corporate and individual clients from all over the world. We are native speakers of Ukrainian and Russian languages covering three pairs: English to Ukrainian, English to Russian, Russian to Ukrainian. Since 2001, when we discovered the fascinating world of translations, we’ve tried on various roles — we’ve been employees, employers and self-employed. We’ve performed, among other tasks, as translators, proofreaders, project managers and general managers. Over the years, we gained huge experience that turned two people into a powerful team. And now, with 19 years under the belt, we possess all necessary skills and expertise to provide high standard linguistic services.


What we do

We translate

Sharing information is an inevitable aspect of contemporary life. And today's communication system can hardly be imagined without document exchange, both paper and electronic. This is where high quality document translations and fast turnaround come to the fore. We cover a wide range of documents, including mailings, contracts, safety statements, business plans, presentations, white papers, guides and manuals. Send us a translation-ready file or a scanned copy, and we’ll deliver a final quality file in your preferred format.

We localize

No secret, people prefer using products and services in their native language. Moreover, in many cases availability of a localized version might be a convincing ‘pro’ for installing desktop software, downloading an app, playing a game or navigating through web-site pages. A well-localized product will attract more users and lead to increased profit for the owner. Strong reason for investment in localization! Turn to us, and we’ll make your amazing product appear to have been originally created for the target audience.

We transcreate

We have all what it takes to perform as transcreators. With solid linguistic and creative skills combined with a deep knowledge of Ukrainian and Russian cultures, we’ll help you to transcend the boundaries of language. Whatever copy you might have, we’ll adapt it in a way to evoke the desired emotions and response from the target audience. Just send us a transcreation copy with a brief containing necessary for the transcreator info, wait for a while and receive an adapted copy with the intent, style and tone of the original message.

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Some of the reasons to choose us.

Long history in the industry

Once upon a time… actually it all started 19 years ago when two University graduates decided to try their hands at translations. By now, we’ve got thousands of projects completed and millions of words translated in a variety of fields. Assign your next project to us, and we’ll do our best to see you among our happy clients!

Fast turnaround

Don’t hesitate to contact us with rush task! Last-minute assignments won’t upset our routine. On the contrary, a small portion of adrenaline is always for good. With two linguists working side by side, the two steps, translation and proofreading, are performed virtually simultaneously.

Quality control

Nothing is perfect. While this statement is true, we try to get closest to what is called near-perfect work. For this purpose, we follow two guiding rules. Firstly, we say “No” to projects, which do not align with our skills or experience and there are chances to fail. Secondly, every accepted project will have attention of two experienced linguists.

Easy communication

For freelancers, being responsive is something vital. A late response to an e-mail or a missed call often means missed job opportunities. We don’t want to miss anything. We are both online during normal working hours ensuring that emails or instant messages are answered in no time. If one of us is for some reason away, the other one is present and ready to take care of all communications.

Work philosophy

If we were asked about our approach to work, we would tell that our work philosophy is built around three key points.

#1. All things are hard before they are easy. We are not afraid of something we’ve never done before or of doing familiar tasks in an unfamiliar manner. On the contrary, we’re open to new professional challenges that might show up on our path. Those add excitement to our routines and give a chance to develop a useful skill. If your project goes beyond translator’s work or has little to do with translations at all but requires native speakers of Ukrainian or Russian, we’re at your service.

#2. Quality overpowers quantity. Golden rule that everybody knows, but not everybody follows. In a chase for quantity, it’s easy to track off the way leading to good results and eventually lose clients and reputation. We do follow the rule and don’t want that negative scenario to run. Prior to accept a project, we assess our capacities and current workload to make sure that a new assignment fits well in the work schedule, can be done at a high professional level and will be delivered to the client on time.

#3. Deadlines are set to be followed. Those are not randomly selected dates in a PM’s office calendar. A deadline is an amount of time allocated for each of the project participants to complete their piece of work. Disregarding a deadline by one of those in most cases means less time for the others to finish their tasks within the project scope. On the contrary, following a deadline means contributing to a timely delivery of the final work to the customer. This is what we are committed to.

The team

Nice to meet you:-)

Maria Dobrianskaya

Dmitry Dobriansky

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