We’re glad that you’ve decided to take a moment and read this page. The purpose of this page is to provide some insights into how we work and what we do best. We believe this might help in pre-screening us as potential vendors for one specific project or a long-term cooperation in a variety of fields.

We are NOT Jacks of all trades

First thing worth looking at is specialization. To begin with, specialization matters, even when you hire a seasoned linguist. This goes without saying that no one can be an expert in all fields and work efficiently on any project. On the contrary, every specialized project requires specific skills and in some cases academic background or professional experience to be done successfully.

While the above is absolutely true, we should admit that not every copy hinges on millions of words previously translated in a field. Any seasoned linguist with an adequate level of education, sense of style, rich vocabulary and research skills can cope with almost any copy of an average complexity level. Needless to say that profound knowledge of grammar, punctuation and spelling for a native language is a must in all cases.

As for us, we would steer away from highly specialized and rocket science-like projects demanding solid educational background, for example, from those related to heavy engineering, pharmaceutics and biochemistry. Fortunately, there is still a wide range of fields for us to shine. We’re good at casino-related content (slots, games, poker, and legal stuff), online & video games, computer software and hardware, mobile gadgets, games and applications, education and e-learning, marketing and commerce, home and office appliances and electronics, travel, tourism and hospitality.

Does your project subject matter go beyond the listed areas? Don’t hesitate to contact us anyway! We might refer you to another linguist with an adequate experience in the needed filed.

Nothing occurs randomly

Another important point to dwell on is our approach to work. We don’t have a spell wand to get some superpowers or make the day twice as longer with a mere flick of a wrist. Any task requires time and efforts, any objective implies a series of steps, and any project suggests an algorithm of actions. And all of our endeavors pursue a common aim — a good outcome!

Good results don’t just magically appear from nowhere. Those are fruits of an efficient approach to work and an optimal working pattern. Our approach lies in a real assessment of physical capabilities while our working pattern is based on time management. Prior to accept any new project, we assess our current work load to make sure that another job could be completed successfully and on time.


To be continued…